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Finished: Burda 6/2013, #126: Exercise Shorts

Burda 6/2013, #126: Line Drawing


Burda 6/2013, #126, in size 36. They’re supposed to be “cycling shorts”, but I made them for running—and then used them to go swimming!


About 60cm of dark purple swimsuit fabric, from Komolka, with the matte side on the outside.


  • I left off the contrasting elastic bands because a) I was too lazy to look into where to buy anything like that; and b) I’m not sure I like the design anyway, particularly in the back.

  • I shortened the legs a bit by turning over a larger hem than suggested in the pattern. I also turned the hem to the outside rather than the inside because I thought it was fun to see the shiny side of the fabric at the hem, for a subtle contrast.

What I want to do differently next time

  • Sew a proper elastic casing, instead of just sewing the elastic to the fabric and turning it over, which still leaves a mess inside. Possibly turn this to the outside rather than the inside as well, for another bit of shiny fabric.

  • Either lengthen the pattern a tad in the back, or shorten it a tad in the front. It looks slightly weird that the waist is higher in the front than in the back (on me, anyway).

  • Use flat-felled or French seams. The insides of this pair are a mess (and they show at the hems, after my hem alteration).

  • Use the “elastic straight stitch” (triple straight stitch) for all seams, which should hopefully make for sturdier seams and less fear of inappropriate exposure of underwear.

  • Possibly look into getting the double needle to work—though that might be a hopeless project on my mum’s sewing machine.

Line drawing taken from BurdaStyle.


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