Last night, I wanted a simple little project that would be very, very unlikely to annoy me and that I would be able to finish that night … So I made a pincushion!

Green Bee Skinny Pincushion


I wouldn’t have needed a pattern, but since Alexia had already figured out good proportions and it was only one page to print, I used the Green Bee Skinny Pincushion pattern.


Scraps of black and white cotton gingham and light green quilting cotton.

Design adjustments

Yes, really!

I cut the two side pieces on the fold instead of sewing together two pieces for each of them.

What I messed up

I actually wanted the gingham pieces to be the side pieces with the green in the middle, but then I got mixed up while sewing everything together and didn’t feel like unpicking when I realised my error. So now my proportions are off. Serves me right for thinking I can improve on something as simple as this when I’m not in a very alert state of mind!

What I want to do differently next time

If I make another of these, I would try to put something heavy into it at the bottom to weigh it down a bit. It doesn’t really stay in place as well as I would like.