Effortless Attention

I’m half a princess!

Teehee, I’ve written my very first (half) guest post!

Guest La Mia Boutique Reviewer on SewingPrincess.com

Silvia the Sewing Princess invited me over to write a La Mia Boutique review together with her, and I’m honoured and delighted that she chose me. This was a lot of fun! Thanks again for letting me be a part of one of your lovely reviews, Silvia!

Now that Silvia has outed me as a “great La Mia Boutique fan”, I’ll really have to make something from their magazine, right?…

A while ago, I saw at my local fabric store that LMB now exists in German! It’s called “Meine Boutique” and they even had the February/March issue there today, but it contains completely different patterns from the Italian March issue! I’ll have to try and find out what’s up with that…


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