Okay, so this year, I decided that I wouldn’t make a Christmas dress, I would make Christmas trousers! And eminently practical as I am, I made them really, really wide-legged and sufficiently loose-fitting for big meals. Never having owned any trousers like these, I had no idea whether the style would work on me, but even though I feel slightly theatrical in them, I really rather love them!

I am happy to report that they were warm enough for my mum’s traditional 2+-hour Christmas walk. I don’t always join my parents for that, but this year, my brother and I both went along—so I had a photographer and two stylists to help me take some blog photos!

Burda 8/2015, #125B: Front

(Please excuse the weird facial expression, this was the best photo of how the trousers hang on me when there isn’t a lot of wind.)

The pullover I’m wearing in the photos is my very, very favourite pullover and was knitted by my mum. I don’t really knit myself, but my mum has been knitting for ages and is awesome at it, so I usually “order” any knitwear I might want from her. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one, so sometimes there’s quite a waiting list. But the result is always worth the wait!


This is Burda 8/2015, #125B, in a straight size 36.

Burda 8/2015, #125B: Side Back


The fabric is a mystery fabric from Müller. It definitely contains some wool, so I’ll have to wear tights or leggings under the trousers, but I think it’s some kind of blend, probably with polyester. It smells a little funny. I really like the subtle pattern and was looking for a drapey fabric to make a toile of these trousers, so this seemed perfect.

Burda 8/2015, #125B: Back


None at all, other than hemming them to my preferred length. I am very pleased with how these fit right out of the magazine!

What I want to do differently next time

I’m not quite sure I need another pair of dramatically-wide-legged trousers, but somehow I really love these, so perhaps I do after all.

  • I love how the fabric I used this time looks, but it’s a weird fabric, and now that I know that the pattern fits me well, I might want to make a nicer pair from 100% wool, perhaps even lined so that I won’t have to wear leggings underneath if I don’t want to.

  • A summer version made from linen might be lovely to wear in the heat.

  • I wonder how these would look as shorts. Perhaps I should try, just for fun.

So, here is what I really looked like on our Christmas walk, other than for the photos:

Burda 8/2015, #125B: Full Outfit

Photos taken by my dad, with styling help from my mum and brother.