I mentioned in my previous post that I tested two patterns from the Named Clothing Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. This is the second one, the Lexi Top. It is the pattern I was most drawn to from the new collection, actually, because it’s unusual and slightly odd, but still basic enough to be wearable. I just love those silly sleeves!

Test Version of Named Clothing Lexi Top: Front


This is the new Named Clothing Lexi Top, in a straight size 36. I made this wearable toile using the test pattern, not the final version, but the Named girls have told me that they only changed the instructions after testing.

Test Version of Named Clothing Lexi Top: Side


The main fabric is a rather lightweight, slightly stretchy denim that I got at Müller and was planning to turn into a pair of shorts. When the Named ladies sent me this pattern, however, I decided that making it from a stiff-ish denim rather than a knit would exaggerate the odd shape of the pattern in a fun way. As is usual with Müller fabrics, I don’t know the fibre content.

I used a lightweight cotton fabric for the facings because I was afraid that cutting them from the denim would make the neckline very bulky.

Test Version of Named Clothing Lexi Top: Back


This was a pattern test, so I just made up a straight size 36 without any fit or design adjustments at all. I just changed a few of the construction methods because I was using a woven fabric rather than the suggested knit.

  • I did not use a stretch stitch for anything.

  • I did not sew any clear elastic into the shoulder seams.

  • I hand-sewed the body and sleeve hems.

What I want to do differently next time

Overall, I’m actually really pleased with the fit of this top. It is nowhere near perfect, but this is a straight size of a test pattern with no adjustments at all! Keeping this in mind, I was really impressed with the result.

Now for the changes that I think I would need on another version of this pattern …

  • I think that the armhole shape is slightly wrong for me. I can’t move my arms as much as I would like to, and if I raise my arms, I raise the whole top along with them. It’s not very uncomfortable and definitely wearable, but doesn’t allow for as much movement as I’m used to. Part of that might be the stiff fabric—of course a denim would be more restrictive than a knit!—but part of it is definitely the shape of the armhole.

  • I’m unsure about the shoulder width. It seems to me that the shoulders are a tad narrow on me from the front and that the sleeve should sit a little further outside. From the back, however, the opposite may actually be true and the shoulders may actually be a little too wide for me from the back? I’m really unsure about this.

  • On the photo of the back, there seem to be some odd wrinkles around the shoulder blades and below. I think that these probably stem from either or both of the issues above?

If anyone has any hints for any of the above issues, or sees any other fit issues, please let me know!